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Hello Sis [06 Jul 2003|07:59am]
[ mood | amused ]

I just want to say hi to my sister. I just saw her come online and I know she is going to come and read my journal! Thanks for the code sis, and for helping me to get my own journal, and I will keep my promise not to add you or mention your username in my lj.
If anyone is wondering why my darling sister is not allowing her cuter, and smarter, younger brother to add her to his friends list I better explain that last year I got in a fight with my sister and as an act of revenge Travis, Sam and me took a photo of ourselves mooning at the camera and posted it anonymously as a comment in her journal. Unfortunately it didn't work out as my sister did her Sherlock Holmes act and recognized things from my bedroom through the gaps between our legs.
The moral of the story is if you plan to leave dirty pictures of yourself in your sisters journal then moon with your legs shut...

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[06 Jul 2003|06:38am]

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It's a formality. [05 Jul 2003|01:23pm]
The weather is hot.
I look good in shorts.
I'm going to the beach...

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My interests [05 Jul 2003|05:44am]
Ok, I know you can read these in my bio but, incase you are to lazy to look, my interests are aim, america, avril lavigne, baseball, beaches, black and white photos, breathing, buffy the vampire slayer, circles, colors, concerts, control, crying, cuddling, dawn, dawn summers, death, dreams, eating, emotions, foo fighters, food, foreign films, french fries, fucking, giggles, girls, girls with guitars, imagination, insanity, kisses, kissing, kittens, knowledge, laughter, life, love, lust, me, melancholy, michelle trachtenberg, mountains, movies, moving, music, night, old films, passion, poetry, possibly you, psychology, rainy day songs, reading, sadness, scooby doo, sex and the city, sleeping, sound of the rain, sounds, standing still, sunnydale, system of a down, tears, the heart, the mind, the moon, the ocean, the simpsons, the world, thunderstorms, touch, travel, tv, vanilla coke, wendy's, what makes you tick, women, words.


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My first post [05 Jul 2003|05:05am]
and I have nothing to say, but I needed to say something to test this stupid thing out!

and BTW. add me!

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